Thursday, October 2, 2008

2008 Street Glide

This is one of our projects going on at this time. The customer recently bought this bike after getting fed up with his Hot Rod continuously breaking down. He was not satisfied with the sound of the stock exhaust. I suggested the Rhinehart Tru-Dual Exhaust System. He decided to go with my suggestion and was happy with the results! Not only did the pipe give a better look, it also provided more horsepower and a great sound. He told me this was only the beginning! He has now decided that he wants me to install a Power Commander. I suggested the Dyna Jet USB3 for his bike. We will be installing it next week.

As far as performance goes, that is probably all we are going to do to this bike. With the motor already being a 1450 Fuel Injected Twin Cam, it does not lack horsepower!

The plans he has next is to change the look of the bike cosmetically. We have come up with some great ideas to customize this bike! I will keep you updated on this 08 Street Glide project.

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